Better Sleep With a Mattress

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Bio Mattresses: the best choice for better sleep

Sleep, sleep well, eternal quest? We spend a third of our lives sleeping. But if you believe the statistics, the French, like everyone, have sleep problems. Sleep disorders or sleep disorders. The symptoms are simple: sleeplessness, problems falling asleep … waking in the night.


This area attracts much scientific research, trying to find solutions to these problems. Prescription drugs, yes, but other natural ways, small gestures of everyday life, can adjust these disorders:

  • Try to sleep at set times (lie down at the same time)
  • Do not put visual contact points in your room (alarm clocks, night lights)
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, spicy food
  • No coffee after 14h
  • Prefer large mattress sizes
  • Choose a healthy mattress, comfortable

Moreover, it is this last point that we let us linger. The natural mattress, organic mattress or have more and more popular with people who want a natural sleep, comforting and refreshing. Organic mattress (we call bio mattresses with natural latex and wool materials) use of healthy materials. Not chemically treated, they are better for you … and for the time we spend on a bed, it is better to worry about the place where we sleep.

More and more consumers are choosing organic mattress ” Natural mattresses are handmade and thus have a very high quality, artisan The mode of production must register in all the mattress production line in a. ecological and sustainable approach. Combining natural materials, it is naturally anti-mites and brings positive effects on your health , “says Ann-Charlotte Pepper society Good and Bio.