The induction hob explained

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Today we’re going to show you induction technology and for that we’re going to use this Siemens induction hob. Right let’s show you the magic. Basically induction technology is all about magnetism and heating the contents of the pan. So what we’ve got here is a cold pan of water and what we’re going to do is I’ve just switched that pan on. Now we have options on how we’re going to do this and one of things that induction does is it only heats the contents of the pan not the surrounding surface.

So let me show that by just put a piece of chocolate there next to the pan itself. What you’ve got on this particular hob is five different zones that we can heat. As you can possibly see the water starting to move very very slightly in that pan already. We can also open up a second pan we could heat that at the same time so that the water over there is heating up now what happens when we do that is you can take the pan off and you can at any point put your hand down on the hob and its very very safe.


Induction Cooktops
There is no actual heat coming from the hob itself it is just the contents of the pan heating back down onto the sides of the pan and then from the sides of the pan that’s actually heating onto the induction hob. So it’s a residual heat at the very best. So what you’ve got with this is it coming on nicely this one here just water as you can see some lovely little bubbles starting to go really really quickly but you’ll notice the chocolate this absolutely nothing happening there. A nice bit of steam there and there we’ve got more bubbles. But what we can do is come back to this one is we can now turn that down Very, very quickly then even further and it gives you really really good control of the actual hob.

I can take the pan off. I can put my hand on it. But what I can also do is put the pan back I can then turn it all the way back up and boost it and you’ll notice it goes back to the boil almost immediately. Exceptionally quick energy efficient cooking it’s absolutely brilliant There we go boiling nicely take it off as you can see chocolate is absolutely as it should be.